P.R.A.Y. with Me – Prayer for December 29, 2021

First published by Bett Harris on Medium December 29, 2021

Photo courtesy of Godsgirl_madi on pixabay


Pause in His presence

Before I begin my prayer time with God I pause to allow my mind to quiet so my focus is on Him and not on the world outside. This isn’t always easy and I often need to deliberately and repeatedly return my focus to Him. After a few minutes, once the rest of the world is completely shut out, I ask God to speak to me, to tell me what’s on His mind. As I continue to sit silently, He is faithful to come to me with words, thoughts, and sometimes visions. While in His presence, I pray my daily prayer to Him. Please join me.

Rejoice and praise Him

I praise and extol You today Father God, for Your heart toward Your people. You chose Israel as Your chosen nation/people, and You also include the remnant in Your new covenant, of which I am a part. You strengthen me with gates and boundaries to protect me. You set me apart for Your glory. You promise peace and bounty to all who serve You, to all whom Your eye is on. You set Your commandments as my borders so that I know the way I am to go. Your Truth runs ahead of me to guide my path. Though peril surrounds me, Your Word cuts through all my trouble to show me the way back to You. You have done this for Your chosen ones, alone, Jehovah Jireh. Only the righteous, through the blood of Your precious Son Jesus Christ, can enter the safety of Your gates. I Thank You and Honor You for choosing me, Abba Father. I am not worthy, but You saved me anyway. Psalm 147:12–20

Ask Him

Help me to know the plans You have for me, my God in Heaven. You choose me as the first fruits of my family, and You set me apart to guide others to You. It is Your way to choose the simple to guide the wise, to choose the lowly to rule over the mighty. You supply everything I need to fulfill Your calling in my life, my One, my Only God. All You ask is that I continue to surrender to Your ways and Your will, that I follow You all the days of my life. Use correction and grace to guide me back to You whenever I lose my way, Lord, for I’m often drawn away. Uphold me so that I never forsake Your directions, Yahweh. May You never reject me. Search my heart Dear Lord, and cover my sinful desires and thoughts. Bless the fruit of my loins for generations to come, that they may know You as I do. 1 Chronicles 28:1–10

Yield to Him

As for me and my household, Jehovah, we will serve You. I commit to building my life on the foundation established by Your Son Jesus. I will not pursue riches as a substitute for the One and Only God, Adonia. Test the truth of my submission with fire Lord. May I survive Your Holy day of judgment and receive the reward You have awaiting me in Heaven. I give my body over to You, Elohim, as a temple for Your Spirit to dwell. May it remain sacred and holy until the day You call me home. Thank You for hearing my words and answering my prayer, El Shaddai. I submit these words to You in the Sacred and Holy Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Messiah, Immanuel. Amen. 1 Corinthians 3:10–17