P.R.A.Y. with Me – Prayer for December 28, 2021

Photo courtesy of Godsgirl_madi on pixabay

First published by Bett Harris on Medium December 28, 2021


Pause in His presence

To be silent before God is to close the windows to the world, and open the door to the Holy One of Heaven. God speaks in a still and small voice. He whispers, He does not shout. To hear from God we must quiet our minds and create a space for Him to dwell in our midst. Once the internal chatter is turned down, ask God, what do You wish to speak to me today, Father? Invite Him to join us as we pray the following prayer.

Rejoice and praise Him

I rejoice today Lord and thank You for giving Your Son as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of this lost and broken world. Jesus died for my sins, and for the sins of whosoever believes in Him. He is my Wonderful Counselor, my Mighty God, my Everlasting Father, my Prince of Peace. He governs and reigns over me with justice, righteousness, and mercy, forever and ever. Gratitude overwhelms me because He gives me peace where before there was only fear, worry, grief, shame, and striving. His zeal and promise ensure me that Your goodness and love follow me every day and that I will dwell in Your house for eternity. Isaiah 9:6–7 and Psalm 23:6

Ask Him

Abba Father, You are the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. May soon, Your Kingdom come to earth so that all is made new, as You promise in Your Word. I anxiously await the day when You will dwell with Your children as You did in Eden, abolishing and replacing the evil one who currently reigns over this earthly realm. That day, You will wipe away all tears, mourning, crying, pain, and death. Oh Lord, come quickly! I long to hear these words with my own ears, “It is done!”, as Your words are trustworthy and true. My God, give me the Water of Life so I am thirsty no more. Help me endure until the end so that I am victorious in running the race You have for me. When I stand before You on the day of judgment, may You acknowledge me as Your child and call me Your good and faith servant. Revelation 21:1–7 and Matthew 25:21

Yield to Him

I bow in reverent submission to You Father and acknowledge You as my God, the One and Only God. May Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer, as I pray all this in the Holy and Blessed Name of You Son Jesus Christ. Amen. Romans 14:11 and Matthew 6:9–13